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welcome to thisby
home to capaill uisce, november cakes, morrises, island ponies, and lovers of the scorpio races
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corajs asked: how far would you go to catch a water horse if you lived on thisby?

I love questions like these! If I were going to race, I would want to catch the capall uisce myself, rather than buy one off a monger, because it feels more respectful. It’s a weighty thing to take a water horse from the sea. You should be willing to risk your life from the very moment a capall uisce makes shore, because the danger and the newness binds you together. It becomes more about forging a relationship and less about using them as a means to an end. I think I’d even go as far as trying to catch one at night, on the off chance that the old wives’ tales might be true. I’d wait on the beach, night after night, until a capall uisce appeared out of the sea. Perhaps it would be as if the water horse chose me instead of the other way around.

What about you? What would you do?

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  2. decemberequestrian answered: I would try and capture a baby! Even if it’s more work I think they would be much easier to train. (Plus cuteness counts!)
  3. corajs answered: i think i would do what Sean’s father did and wait in the cave with the drawings of the Capall Uisce to find that special one :)
  4. hehkhatea said: I mean if I knew how to work with horses because I don’t
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