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unspoken-of-course asked: "Out of all the characters I have ever written, he is one of my favorites." So who are the other 4? I'm genuinely curious now.


1. George Holly, from the Scorpio Races, who was not even supposed to be a Thing, but then Sean Kendrick called him “the American” and suddenly he had a fully formed backstory.

2. Cole St. Clair from Sinner/ Linger/ Forever, who is the jolliest sad person ever, or perhaps the most dire happy person ever

3. Eleanor, the faerie queen/ handmaiden from the Lament/ Ballad books, because she is dreadful and hilarious to write

4. Persephone, the ephemeral treasure-pet of the Raven Cycle books, because who doesn’t like writing about mist

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"Leila’s Birthday" - Hanneke Cassel

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canvuljan asked: This is not really a question but I'd like to suggest to your readers that they take the opportunity to listen to the audiobooks of your novels. I'm not generally a fan of audio since, well, my mind tends to wander - but your books are the exception. I "hear" the voices of your characters. And I adore the music you created for Scorpio Races. They are marvelous and I can tell that you made sure they were exceptional. Thank you.


I am publishing this as it is delightful.

Do what this person says.

17 hours ago // yes - do it - the scorpio races audiobook is fantastic - audiobook - maggie - + 86

Déanta | The Maid That Sold Her Barley

It's cold and raw, the north winds blow
Black in the morning early
When all the hills were covered with snow
Oh then it was winter fairly.
As I was riding o'er the moor
I met a farmer's daughter
Her cherry cheeks and sloe-black eyes
They caused my heart to falter.
18 hours ago // deanta - the maid that sold her barley - celtic - celtic music - trad music - this is the song that wimzeee used in the scorpio races opening credits video - it's totally gorgeous - radio - sounds of thisby - + 4
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so-many-misadventures-await asked: Okay, when George Holly says that he and Malvern argued over one of Malvern’s “old flames”, were they talking about Annie? Did Malvern have an affair with Annie?! Is Annie Mutt Malvern’s MOTHER?!



Oh my goodness, I’ve also wondered about this! If I had brought Mutt Malvern into the world, I’d hide away from the world too.

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Silhouetted in the Evening light

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thatravengirlfromrohan asked: Hey wonderful person! So my friend and I are having trouble remembering the name of Malvern's horse that is drowned by the water horse while he's swimming. Do you? Also, how are you?

Why, hello there! The horse’s name is Fundamental. :)

I’m doing well! It’s been busy IRL but things have calmed down a little bit. Thank you for asking! How are you? 

22 hours ago // fundamental - thatravengirlfromrohan - confession - + 2
welcometothisby asked: You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love the opening credits for The Scorpio Races. Where did you get your footage? Everything flowed seamlessly and evoked the mood of the book perfectly!


You just made me deliriously happy. I love your blog, it’s the perfect Thisby haven, so getting this in my inbox is amazing :DD The footage was cobbled: ocean bits from Treasure Island (2012) and Moby Dick (2011); the rest is stock footage and ads (racetracks/expensive watches & cars/Ireland & Scotland travel etc), found on vimeo. Also one mini-documentary on the Chincoteague pony swim (x) :)

Thanks, love! Seriously, though. It’s one of the best fan videos I’ve ever seen. The Scorpio Races is one of those visual, atmospheric, emotive books that begs to be made into a movie and your video proves that point.

P.S. I’d love to see your fan cast! 

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