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welcome to thisby
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Along the road in Ireland.

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The Benedy Glen

I see her green hills and swift-running streamlets
Eternally flowing right on to the sea
By her side I lie down on a bank of blue violets
And its murmuring and gurgling are music to me
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Ideas for Celebrating The Scorpio Races




I think we should all do a little post about why we love the book so much, like our favorite parts and stuff. Maybe like one of those thirty day challenge things but shorten it up a bit. Each day there’s a different question about the book. They start out easy at first…

Yes yes yes!! I could make one of those question sheets like I mentioned :) I think it’d be cool if we also created our own capall!

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Starting second week of October (day of the festival) we should just celebrate the Races.

Ooh, great ideas! Perhaps we could follow the major events of the novel in (roughly) real time and have challenges that correspond, such as creating your own capall for the first day of beach training, et cetera.

Keep the ideas coming!

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Gerhard Richter

Seestuck #1

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wispofwillow replied to your post “Gabe :)”

Yes to this! So eloquent - you’ve made it simple, but so evocative! (So now I am both sad and happy?)

Thank you for this! I suppose I shouldn’t be pleased that it made you sad (and happy, at least there’s that), but I am. :)

There’s a bittersweetness to Thisby that I so wanted to channel!

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confessions-of-a-horseaholic asked: I freaking love this book so much

Hear, hear! The Scorpio Races pushes all my buttons as a reader.

  1. Horses.
  2. The sea.
  3. Historical setting.
  4. Horses.
  5. Character-driven.
  6. Plucky heroine. 
  7. Horses.
  8. Celtic influences. 
  9. Palpably atmospheric.
  10. Horses.

Just to name a few.

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